Being 1 of Da Boyz & Us Girls

The Ocean is a Boundary

Between Land & Sea

Waves break those boundaries


Surfers Speak a common language

And it has nothing to do with geography or gender. 

A collection of surf chronicles

This collection and analysis was composed for the 2017 annual conference that was conducted by the Society for the Study of American Women Writers. Looking back, I can see that my path to becoming a writer actually began with a series of interviews that I did for various magazines and newspapers and then begins to bleed into the ad copy that I wrote for my company Us Girls. As I wrote the names, experiences and needs of women into existence, I realized it had a lot of power, especially  in a society that views the written word as the only credible source of preservation and history. As with biblical literature and other forms historical documentation, "it is written" with a polemic tone, which serves as a reaction and response to some of the issues of the time period such as the rise of commercialism, the lack of representation and sexism in the women's surfing industry, which is set in direct contrast to the resilience of a core group of surfers. "The Pipeline Memoir" is noted as the pinnacle of my transition to becoming a writer and advocate of people and culture that is underrepresented, male or female. I hope this collection will encourage others to write and record their own experiences and the shared stories of others.

Surf Fashion Time Line

This video was constructed for Lane Daveyʻs presentation at the annual conference for the Study of Women Writers. 

  1. Lane began surfing in 1987
  2. Designed 1st women's boardshort (disputably) 1993
  3. Started writing articles on women's surfing in 1999
  4. Movie: Blue Crush 2002

The collection


Writing Women surfers into existence. 

My earliest writings are motivated by documenting women's existence, experience and needs as water women. 


Feminism vs. Female Empowerment

A Pipe Dream or a Nightmare? 

My Pipe memoir demonstrates a shift in the purpose and the pinnacle of a growing polemic in my writing.


Authority & Leadership

Ultimately, I was much happier and had a lot more influence when I just took my place in the line up as a surfer rather than flying my female flag.