Blogs & Columns

Honolulu Star Advertiser “The Pipeline” 2008 - 2016

Oceanic Cable Hawai‘i “Living the Surf Life” 2006  - 2010 

Surfing World Japan “Hawai‘i News” Columnist  2005  - 2008 2006-2007

Freelance Journalism

CURL Magazine New Zealand-  

THE MAKING OF A PIPE DREAM-a personal memoir by Lane Davey (Spring 2005, iss #1) 

Behind the Little Big Man- a profile on Alex Flourence-- also run in WET magaine (Autumn 2006 iss#3)  

Women Bodyboarders "The unsung heros of Women's Surfing" -(Summer 2005, iss#2)  

SLIDE Longboarding Magazine New Zealand:  

When Ben Aipa Talks, Surfing Listens (Vol.1 iss #9, 2006) - profile on legendary surfer & shaper Ben Aipa

Amongst Ali'i (Vol.1.,iss #10, 2007) - profile on champion long boarder Dino Miranda    Surf Life For Women Magazine Morrow Bay, Ca:.  

Out of the Dark Ages & into the Glory Days? - (2003)- Is there really any progress in the womenʻs surf tour   

Big Wave Accounts from Women Surfers on the Northshore (2003)

Judith Sheridan- (2004) Profile on women bodysurfer     

Tiare Girl Magazine-Hawaii:

Tired of Suits that suck for surfing 

Banzai Betty "the original Betty" (vol 2, iss #6 January 2002) -Profile on northshore big wave pioneer and videographer"  

Shocked & Awed -The Bud Light Women's Bodyboarding Classic at Pipeline (2003)

Boardstories/Free Surf Magazine Hawaii

Beauty & the Beast - Sean Davey Bio for Photo Folio Feature (vol.1,iss#8, 2003) 

The Moniz Ohana -Ohana Section (2004)    

Adventure Magazine (Pacific News Media) New Zealand  

The Rise and Fall of Bodyboarding-( iss#128 Feb/Mar 2005)  

How do they Survive? Pipeline Warriors -pictorialwords only (2008)  

The future of Tow Surfing (Fesi Klink) 

FIVE Magazine San Fransisco- Arts and Culture Magazine 

Making Waves- The Surfrider Foundation (June 2007, issue #17) 

Skin Deep- Ecological Beauty Products (Sept. 2007, iss #19) 

The Grass is always Greener -Is bamboo really green? (iss#24 April 2008)   

Personal memoirs & Interviews

Surfing Magazine

Da Northshore Girlz 

Lane Davey is all about surf (2004)

Sassy Magazine South Africa 

A South African adventure story 


Anattitude Magazine -women's Hip Hop magazine, The Old School issue

LaneSki-published version, my account of early 80s Hip Hop era (Summer 2008) 

Unpublished articles

Jamilia's Day at the Bay-story about a girl from Santa Cruz who surfer 25 ft(50 ft face) day at Waimea Bay 

The Mac Daddys Ohana- Liam and Garret McNamara aren't just extreme surfers they are strong family men.

Underground: Girls -Northshore Surf Girls Karen Gallagher, Sunset Suzy, Jayde Wright, Emilia Perry tell their story    

Society for the Study of American Women Writers

"Being 1 of da boyz & Us Girls" - a collection of surfing articles by extreme surfer Lane Davey