B-Girl "LaneSki"

Becoming "LaneSki"

Lane infatuation with Michael Jackson was what first sparked her desire for breakdancing in 1983, but it wasn't until she enrolled in a class taught by the Seattle Circuit Breakers that she really became a B-girl. At the end of the class the crew recruited her and took her under their wing teaching her about Hip Hop Kulture, showing her a new side of life and giving her the name LaneSki. There were very few women dancing raw cyphers of the early 80ʻs and was known for being one of the first b-boys to master the Thomas Flair in her city. In 2017, she developed a Hip Hop Literature course that she taught last spring. LaneSki has lead sessions, held workshops and taught classes in Hip Hop dance and culture throughout the local community centers of Oahu to perpetuate the art and meaning of the dance. She donated her old Pumas and pictures to the Smithsonian Hip Hop Wont Stop exhibit. She traveled to Minneapolis to participate in the first all girl Hip Hop Summit and displayed her urban street line for Us Girls there. More